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Become A Sponsor

Why Sponsor?

Apart from championing the cause for fitness and spreading awareness of a healthy lifestyle, our sponsor partners will be highly visible in all our marketing and depending on the level of support, very recognizable in various arenas.


20 to 50 year group comprising of college going teens, corporates and running enthusiasts. Fitness is their life mantra and has helped them stay healthy.

Your Support Gives

Your support gives an opportunity to associate your brand with premium events and experience exposure to thousands of participants. Another plus is greater market visibility through multiple media channels, on-site banners and printed materials.

Our Brand Partners


Whether you’re a beginner or a pro runner, this fitness tracker and trainer is going to get you in shape in no time. Our new app works like a charm for people in all categories. For the beginner, it works as a training app, getting you in shape for your first run. For the pro runner, it helps you track your progress. And if you’ve felt that running alone is sometimes lonely, the Big Beach Runners app has an integrated music player to keep you company on those long runs. There’s also the option of sharing your goals and achievements on your social media accounts directly from the Big Beach Runners App so you can share your moments with your friends. So, download the Big Beach Runners app and get started on your fitness journey.

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